I might be the worst blogger on earth

Posted in festivals by sergiportabella on May 3, 2012

Once again I have to apologize because I haven’t updated lately. Actually, I haven’t updated for the last 9 months while the film was being shown all over the place. But I finally did it. So here’s the news.

In the last months The Astronaut on the Roof has been succesfully touring the world and has been selected in 155 Film Festivals. It has been awarded 37 times and several televisions channels from different countris have shown it. In short, it’s been a HUUUGE SUCESS! You can read the details in the awards and festivals lists.

I have recently stopped sending it to festivals. It’s been two years, most festivals already know the film, and the emails with selection and award news were getting more and more rare in the last times. At least compared to what i had been.   So let’s not prolong it anymore. IT’S BEEN TWO WONDERFUL YEARS.